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Divert for 2nd Life – D2L

A rescue group in Singapore for zero waste

We are all volunteers passionate about diverting away from the bin, items that could still have a second life, and specialise in rescuing unsellable items with a shelf life that would otherwise be discarded.

How impactful can food rescue be?

For every 3 kilos of food that you rescue, an estimated 7.5 kilos of CO2 is rescued.

What We Do

We have been rescuing items from various F&B/lifestyle businesses such as bakeries, cafes, restaurants, grocers, distributors, wholesalers, hotels, retailers and farms since 2018.

We rescue whatever is unsellable, such as items that are expired / past their best before dates, items with damaged packaging, damaged / compromised / recalled items, leftovers at the end of the day (for fresh / perishable food such as cooked / prepared food), blemished / ugly food, etc.

Our score card





433kg / 13 tonnes

average per day / per month


water saved/ day


CO2 emissions prevented/month

29 250



zero waste



“Making greater progress toward zero waste”

we look forward to growing our relationship

xxxxx – grocery chain

“wonderful work”

xxxxx – grocery store

“Our team is motivated”

13days, 158kg of food

Mr Hxxxxx – hotel chain

“Great work by you and your team”

Thanks again for everything you and your team are doing

Jxxxx – supermarket chain

Really pleased

Really pleased that there is a service like this that you guys are offering. Food waste is such a waste!

xxxxx – importer/wholesaler/distributor

“for a good cause”

glad that such a group exist in Singapore

Yuan – Singapore-based lifestyle and gourmet products importer

“Thank you for helping us”

Thank you for helping us reduce food waste.

xxxxx – NGO

“Thank you”

Thank you so much for what you do, I really hate to waste food.

xxxxx – retailer

“Thanks so much”

Thanks so much to D2L team for contributing the food waste.

Christopher Leow

“This is so heartening to see!”

Thank you so much for sharing!

xxxxxx – business owner